It may come naturally to some people but it’s not easy for everyone (like me!) to pose for the camera and feel sexy but after having your hair and makeup done professionally and having Teri hand you a glass of wine, put on some fabulous music, and begin her magic (and believe me, it’s magic!) it not only is easy but FUN too. Not to mention, when I got that book and looked through it, I couldn’t believe it was ME in there and the best thing is that I will have those photographs forever. I have heard people mention that they don’t have anyone significant in their lives to do it for and that’s absolutely not the point! I didn’t do this for anyone but me. Just thinking of the power of photography is enough to know that I made an investment in myself for myself…forever. For one day, Teri makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn or Marlyn Monroe and she captures those moments for you forever. Someday, I hope to look back at those photos and think “I was beautiful and empowered.” Isn’t that the way everyone wants to be remembered?